SAP Data Integration

Pick and use the the best suited SAP product for data Integration.

SAP provides various products in the area of Data Integration. Some focus on pure Data Integration, others on Process or System Integration. The trick is to pick the one best suited for the given task.

(e.g. see here)

Of course it would be nice if one tool could solve all problems but the requirements are too diverse for that. In fact, one of the reasons there are so many options is because SAP tries to help customers and provide tools that perfectly match a typical use case. However, as soon as the use case does not match the products’ assumptions… things get hard.

On the other hand, with general purpose tools all things are made harder than they need to be. You need to find the one that fulfills your needs best.

If in doubt, we can brainstorm together. It will be much cheaper than what I have seen recently, products bought for >100k and not providing any value.

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