S/4Hana Connector

The S/4 Connector does produce change data on business entity level. This has the advantage that the consumers get the entire data of an object, not just the change on its individual tables.

Example: A new sales order got created. The producer creates a new sales order, even though the order consists of changes in two tables, the order header with the order date, sold-to party etc and the individual order lines.

The advantages of this approach are

  1. The data is consistent. When working on table level the consumer might see the line item data but not know about the order header yet.
  2. Simple to consume. As the business entity is complete, none of the consumers have to join the various tables.
  3. Transactional consistent. The data is produced in the same order as it was created. First the customer, then the sales order. And it is consumed in the same order as all data goes into one topic.
  4. Performance. Assuming there is one producer generating data for many consumers, it is faster to join the tables once instead of adding that burden to every single consumer.

Internally this connector does use the same techniques as SAP SLT does, but in a slightly optimized manner, tailor made for S/4Hana. Therefore it does not suffer from the side effects of SLT and has less impact on the source system.