Business Rules Service

The Business Rules Service…

  • consumes data from Apache Kafka topics
  • applies a set of customer defined rules
  • augments the record with the rules results
  • and puts it into another, a cleansed, Kafka topic.

This data can then be put into a database or a Data Lake to work on cleansed data and to analyze which rules were applied and their results.

In a simple end-to-end scenario the data is entered via various ways into the source system, e.g. a SAP S/4Hana system and the corresponding producer puts the changes into the Kafka topic “SALES” immediately.
The Rules Service is configure to take all change messages from the topic “SALES”, apply the rules on the data and put the augmented records into the topic “SALES_CLEANSED”. 
From there a database consumer puts all cleansed data together with rule results into a database for visualizing the results.

Installation and technical details: